Standard Flex 300 Patrol VesselIn Ship Construction

Combining the skills accumulated through 40 years experience in building more than 75 vessels for the navies of the world such as AZTECA, OSPREY and STANDARD-FLEX 300 Multi Mission Patrol Vessels using Thornycroft, Giles’s hull lines, with that of the builders of the Absalon Class Frigates, House of Santon Maritime now offer the world’s fastest, cheapest and most versatile “Off-the-Shelf-Quick-Change-Multi-Mission” standard LCSs, Frigates and OSVs from 55 to 150 meters. Find Out More

Marinas, Mega Yacht MarinasConstruction of Ports and Marinas

Using our own system of casting pressurized carbon-fiber reinforced sea-wall and floating marina sections rather than the conventional use of steel-reinforcing, we are capable of producing at much lower costs and at higher quality than any of our competitors. Our harbors and marinas will withstand severe weather conditions better, last longer and be less costly both to purchase and maintain. Find Out More

Super Shipyard StructureShipyard Construction & Management

With group members having completed a total of eight (8) major shipyards and yacht-building facilities world-wide from concept through design, construction management to production start-up, we feel confident in our ability to service the industry with today’s most productivity-efficient shipyard designs and production systems.   With our use of the latest plasma-cutting and laser-welding technologies, and our own proven advanced design, production, procurement and management programs,we offer the full package of a complete super-fast and high-productivity shipyard design for the production of the most competitive vessels on the international market.   Find Out More

Why us

Work with real authentic shipbuilders,-professionals with more than 40 years hands-on international experience from shop-floor through design-office to executive suite in design and construction of some of the worlds most advanced Navy Ships, Super Yachts, Offshore Support and Standby Vessels.   By using our top-secret lines plans based on 40 years proven experience in the fluid dynamic application of the correct balance between concave and convex shapes to make our vessels go faster, yet maintain far better wave handling and stability under severe wave and wind conditions, we produce a far better vessel than our competitors.    

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